Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten Great Films of the Sixties Part 2

            Hello Blog, it's been awhile. One problem with being a student is time management.  This last semester was much harder than I expected, and as the split of this top ten list shows, it became clear that my project has become too bloated to maintain..  So for the sake of my grades made the decision to go on hiatus.  Now the semester has ended and thus I found time to finish this segment. That being said, it will be best if I do less lists and try do smaller precise reviews. Anyway back to the Sixties.

5. Lawrence of Arabia
            Based on a true story, Lawrence of Arabia is about the British Army officer T.E Lawrence, and how he unites many Arabic tribes in order to liberate the country during World War I.  The story is a traditional war epic, but the plot is about a man’s internal struggle for an identity. While he is loyal to the British Army, Lawrence has a greater bond with his Arabic comrades than any of his commanders; and this is where the true conflict lies within this epic.  Peter O’Toole plays the titular Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean gloriously directs the picture, and it is about 217 minutes long…
            In theory, an epic like Lawrence of Arabia should be easy to praise, but it is such an imposing film.  The fact that the film is long enough to require an intermission is enough to scare the hell out of anyone, including other film geeks.  That being said, Lawrence of Arabia is too magnificent to ignore. The spectacle alone is enough of a reason to watch Lawrence of Arabia.  Only a director as bombastic as David Lean could make the Sahara Desert look this beautiful.  The musical score by Maurice Jarre is unforgettable, filled with gentle, sweeping, exotic string chords. It is amazing that the entire spectacle does not swallow up the performers.  But the most important thing to know about Lawrence of Arabia is that the plot is powerful enough to justify the four-hour running time.
(Lawrence of Arabia is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Amazon Instant Video)