Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ten Great Films of the 1940s

            I told you I was not done with this series.  This decade was definitely much harder to write about than the Oughts because this is one of my personal favorites.  The films of the forties are great because they have this sense of sophistication and wit that is very much its own and impossible to emulate.  The fifties was obviously the closest, but the subtext of paranoia and disillusionment will always be associated with that decade. 
            Anyway, there were two problems I had with writing about the forties.  The first problem was trying to write with some restraint.  But the other problem I had was trying to assemble ten that stand out because of the number of great films in 1940s is just staggering. So I made a compromise...

Honorable Mention: Pretty much everything.
            This list is admittedly biased towards Hollywood films, but this is not because nothing good was created overseas. In fact the list could have easily been expanded to fifty and have featured films made by everyone from Ida Lupino to Roberto Rosselini to Powell and Pressburger yet still the list would feel incomplete.  But truth is that in terms of consistency, the 1940s is easily the peak of the Golden Age of Hollywood and what is more appropriate than to show the best of this period?