Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Very Long and Unfunny Reviews

            Before I forget, congratulations to Devin Sloane whose book project Anagrin: The Escape recently reached its goal on Kickstarter meaning that it is one step closer to being published.  For more info check his blog here.
            Well another month has passed and I still have not started a second Great Movies of the Decade.  I actually have two excuses as to why I have not got any work on this blog done, my best excuse is that finals week is looming, and the other one is Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

Minecraft: It's the best way to ruin your life.

            Anyway, I do plan on continuing with my Decades series though at this point it will be done when it is done. But never fear, here are two reviews that wrote during the semester. The first one is about the original King Kong, which is admittedly a personal favorite of mine.  It may seem too formal for its own good, but who cares, King Kong is awesome.