Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

     As of this writing I was having a wonderful time vacationing in Orlando Florida only to have this terrible realization: I skipped March and have nothing good for April. I could blame laziness, schoolwork or the exploits of "The Man" for my hiatus but that would only make for a cheap laugh. So here are some topics and films that I found interesting but not enough devote a half of a dozen pages of text and videos out of each one.
     But first a quick shout out to Devin Sloane a friend and fellow blogger of Short Stories. He just started a Kickerstarter for a book series he is working called Anagrin: The Escape. I think its going to be a badass series and that you all should check out his Kickstarter page, make a donation, read his short stories, and then read the rest of this article. Don't worry, this article can wait.