Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten Great Films of 2000-2009

     Here it is, the first installment in my Ten Great Films of the Decade series. The problem I had with making the list (laziness aside) was how to find and arrange the films.  I try to be objective but lets be honest, personal preferences will always affect a top ten list.  

Honorable Mention: The Dark Knight
     First of all Heath Ledger’s interpretation of the Joker is the superlative character and nothing will ever change that fact. Also, the performance of Aaron Eckhart and Christopher Nolan’s skill as a director should not be ignored. The Dark Knight is like watching a grand opera, but then the fat lady trips and falls into the orchestra pit.  The third act is poorly paced, confusing and strangely enough, the absurdity of Christian Bale’s Batman voice becomes more apparent.  Batman sounds great when he is threatening crooks or talking to Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) but his somber monologue near the end is unintentionally hilarious. In the end, if The Dark Knight were more consistent then, it would easily be on the list, instead I can only give it an honorable mention.
     Now that my thinly veiled tirade about over-popularized blockbusters is done…