Saturday, January 28, 2012

Questions About The Academy Awards (What The @#$%)

     The Academy Award nominees were announced and my God they are bugging me.  It is true that two of my personal favorites of the year were nominated but many of the choices are completely dubious.  

     1.  For context, The Academy Awards had a rule where voters had to nominate ten films for Best Picture. This year that rule has been changed so that voters have to nominate anywhere between five to ten films. This is why there are only nine nominees for Best Picture.  In theory this means that in a year of weak films there would be less bad films that would be nominated with a false stamp of approval. That being said, how does a critically mediocre film like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close manage to get nominated? Does this new rule, and by extension the past rule, diminish the prestige of being a Best Picture nominee?

     2.  One of the most controversial devices in Hollywood is motion capture technology, which is described through this video about Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Basically, even though the audience sees Caesar, it is actually Andy Serkis performing in a computer-generated costume.  The problem the Academy has is that they believe any computer-generated character is nothing more than a cartoon character.  Should Andy Serkis, and other “mo-cap” performers, be considered for acting awards?  If so, should “mo-cap” films like The Adventures of Tintin be appraised as animation?

     3.  If The Artist wins Best Picture will this encourage more studios to look at foreign films? And with Hugo, what about 3D films?

     4.  With only two nominees competing for Best Song, is it time to retire this award?

     5. Speaking of music, the winners of last year for Best Composition, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network) also wrote the score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Here is how the movie begins.

 As badass as it sounds, they failed to earn another nomination, meanwhile John Williams is competing with himself.  Is this even ethical?

In short, I think the Academy members are culturally behind, but that does not mean I cannot make bets. My predictions will be up on Monday. Also, feel free to comment or ask me something about movies on Twitter.

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