Friday, September 30, 2011

The Wire is Awesome (And I Got Classes to Worry About)

          Well it's September and that means another school year. I wish someone told me that sooner, but hey at least I don't have to worry about an eldritch abominations until October... wait. Anyway since the Emmys are pretty much over and I got to read a lot of Shakespeare let's do something short and sweet.

18 Reasons Why People Should Watch The Wire

1. The Wire is a fascinating and realistic cultural study about how class and social status affect the American Justice System.

2. It's also an awesome cop show filled with badass lawmen, merciless villains and strong violence.

3. But The Wire is not afraid not show a sense of dry humor during even in the darkest of times.

4. Features the only union on TV that deserves sympathy.

5.  Idris Elba and Dominic West are so convincing as a Baltimore kingpin and a Baltimore cop (respectively) that it is hard to believe that they both British.

6.  Actually, the entire cast is so brilliant that it is hard to believe that no one was nominated for an Emmy.

7. No seriously, for all the critical acclaim that The Wire gets, it was only nominated for two Emmys and lost both times.

8. It relies so much on continuity that following it on a weekly basis was impossible, on the other hand this translates beautifully on to DVD.

9. It's vulgar.

10."It's all in the game."-Traditional

11. There are about thirty plus characters in The Wire and more than half of them are more badass than Jack Bauer.

12. And one of them wears a bow tie.

13.  "Sheeeeeeeeeit."-Clay Davis

14. The theme song is "Way Down in The Hole" by Tom Waits. Hear that? Its the sound of a hipster fainting.

15.  It makes Law & Order feel like a lecture from your parents.

16. Since The Wire has been canceled for three years, it is not like anyone would have to worry about catching up.

17.  The writing is impeccable, everything from the dialogue, characters and the stories are written with such care and power that to say it is ambitious would almost be insulting. The Wire does not try to make a statement, it just tells it like it is and lets the viewer create their own opinion.

18.  Seriously, go watch The Wire, or Omar will get you.


  1. Ugh... gotta wait till it's on instant watch...

  2. I respond with a "ha-ha-ha, fail" but your not the only one, half of the Netflix reviews for The Wire are about it is only on mail order.

  3. hilarious :) i laugh every time