Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pop Quiz Answers

1.  True. From his 1928 film Steamboat Bill Jr. here is the gag:

The front of that house weighs about 3 tons and if Buster Keaton was off by 2 inches… well you’ve stepped on a bug before.  Half of the crew stayed home on the day of shooting making it the first and probably last strike that film employees had an understandable cause. Actually, Buster Keaton would find out in the 1930’s, during a routine physical, that he had broken his neck in 1924 without realizing it; so in hindsight he would’ve been fine because he is $#@!ING INVINCIBLE.

2.  True. A word of warning, you may need to perform an exorcism on your T.V after watching Guinness Book of World Records holder for the Most Profane Animated Film of All-Time.

3. True. James Dean played a lead role in only three movies before he died in a car crash. He got an Oscar nomination for only East of Eden and Giant. No love for Rebel Without Cause is blasphemy but 2 outta 3 isn’t bad.

4.  True. There are two different box office records: Domestic, which is how much money a film has technically made, and Adjusted to Inflation, where the profits are based on the idea of how much money the film would have made if the ticket prices were same price as the current average ($8.00). While Avatar holds the Domestic record, it is in 14th place in the Adjusted to Inflation record ($773,179,400), number 11 is 101 Dalmations ($794,342,100). So basically if 101 Dalmatians sold the same number of tickets as it did in 1961 at same price as a ticket is in 2010 it would have made more than Avatar. Don't believe me? Check out this link to Box Office

5.  False. This is really depressing. Bruce Lee died in Jan. 20 1973, 6 days before Enter the Dragon was released in Hong Kong. Even more depressing is that the Chinese studio Golden Harvest decided that Bruce could finish his contract by using stock footage (including footage of his funeral) and body doubles for Game of Death 1 and 2.

6.  True/False. Mel Gibson is technically a psychotic douche bag.

7.  True. Funny story: In the old days, film had to have a copyright indictor under the title card.  On the week Night of the Flesh Eaters was going to premiere the distributer, the Walter Reade Organization, wanted to change the name to Night of the Living Dead. So they did, but they forgot to replace the copyright indicator before the premiere. In the end, anyone who noticed that the copyright was missing claimed ownership and George A. Romero did not get a penny of the profit.

8.  False. Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film Gone With the Wind in 1939. Still, Halle Berry is still the first African American to win Best Lead Actress in 2001 for Monsters Ball.

9.  False. Midnight Cowboy was rated X for adult content, adult language and strong sexual content but in 1969 it won Best Picture. But around the time the X rating became NC-17, the MPAA reviewed Midnight Cowboy again and it rebranded with an R rating.

10.  True… and its gonna suck. 

Drink game: Take a shot if anything in this trailer reminds you of the Twilight Saga


  1. 6/10 isn't as bad as I thought I would do although I suppose statistically, that was bound to happen hahaha. BTW, that is very irresponsible of you to put that drinking game on your blog! People could die drinking that much :P

  2. Impossible, haven't you seen the Jersey Shore? Those idiots' bodies are 2/3's alcohol.

  3. Dude... those people obviously aren't real humans. They are robots designed by aliens to show the world how absolutely stupid humanity can be. Unfortunately, humanity missed the point entirely and decided, instead, to pay them ridiculous sums of money so they can be stupid on television.