Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking a break (and he's outta here!)

Well as you can tell, I am not able keep up with my usual deadline these days. While it is in bad taste blame someone… I just have too much on my plate, I’m writing different papers for a summer class and I’m moving to a new house. So I have decided to take a break from writing until I finish moving and unpacking. I will still be watching movies as usual, it’s not like I have a girlfriend or anything. Anyway, I want to give you a list of movies that all of (six of) you might find interesting.

Listed by decade

1920 (silent era)

Sherlock Jr. (comedy, if you don’t like this then skip to the 30’s)

Nosferatu (horror)

Metropolis (sci-fi)


M (German thriller)

King Kong (you know what this is)

A Night at the Opera (Marx Bros. comedy, they’re not Communists)

Angels with Dirty Faces (Christian film… with booze and guns)

The Thin Man (Murder mystery… even more booze)


Double Indemnity (Film Noir, according to Wikipedia… it’s a thriller)

White Heat (Gangster flick)

Casablanca (a man’s movie)

Notorious (Hitchcock)

Pinocchio (for something more optimistic)


Seven Samurai (Akira’s best)

Rear Window (Hitchcock 2)

Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock 3: Return of the Hitchcock)

Diabolique (French mystery, it even made Hitchcock nervous)

Singin’ in The Rain (Musical!!)

Rio Bravo (Western)


Once Upon a time in The West (Western… oo wee oo wee oo)

Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman’s finest)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (aka Paul Newman and the Moustache)

8½ (a sequel to 7¾)

Black Sunday (Vampires when they weren’t whiney b*tchs )

2001: A Space Odyssey (LSD is optional)


The French Connection (It’s a lot grittier than it sounds)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (dumb characters, bad script, cheap sets, good stuff)

Chinatown (They cut Jack Nicholson’s nose, ‘nuff’ said.)

Young Frankenstein (pronounced Fronc-un-steen)

A Clockwork Orange (the classic WTF movie)


Raging Bull (Rocky for smart people)

The Untouchables (the last Kevin Costner film that was actually good)

The Thing (This is why I’m not going to Antarctica)

Akira (it’s not a Kurosawa biopic)

90’s (all animated, cuz this decade was depressing)

Toy Story (Cuz Pixar made it)

Beauty and the Beast (the peak in Disney’s comeback)

Princess Mononoke (if Disney was Japanese and cool)

Iron Giant (there’s a giant robot, its cool)

200X (I guess that’s what they call it)

Spirited Away (More Japanese Disney!)

WALL-E (Try not to cry)

Pan’s Labyrinth (not related to “Labyrinth” so don’t complain that David Bowie is not in it)

V For Vendetta (the best Wachowski Bros. movie that doesn’t have Keanu Reeves in it)

I’ll be back.

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