Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Avengers (because I forgot to watch a movie)

Two year ago the film” Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” played in movie theaters everywhere. They were fun to watch but what was interesting was at the end of the credits. After the credits, there is a small scene that involves S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avenger Initiative. It implies that there will be an Avengers film, which also means Captian America and Thor movies. While this is a nerdgasm for comic book fans, there are (3) people who are skeptical...


Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk are the Avengers. A team of superheroes that go around the world to beat the living $#!% out of every villain (within the Marvel Universe) who is dumb enough to build a death ray.


Joss Whedon will direct the film and Jon Favreau (yes that’s spelt correctly) will be the executive producer. Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton will reprise their roles as Black Widow, Nick Fury, War Machine, Iron Man and The Hulk respectively. Also Chris Evans will play Captain America and Chris Hemsworth will play Thor.

Why is it a good idea?

Because the only thing more patriotic than Captain America tea bagging the Nazis is The Hulk breaking their legs so that they can’t escape from Captain America’s wrath. Joss Whedon is a master of creating high quality science fiction (see Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer for more details) and screenplays that have sharp dialogue. Edward Norton was great as Bruce Banner (Hulk’s true identity) and Robert Downey Jr. has proven many times over that he is the best actor ever.

"Who wants to touch me?"

Since every Marvel character lives within the same universe, then could lead to installments with the X-men or Spiderman. Hell it could even to a mini-series inspired by the Civil War comic series. Seriously, Nerdgasm!

Why it is a bad idea?

Four words: Sensory Overload. The flaw of many of the bad superhero movies (i.e. “Spiderman 3” and every “Fantastic 4” movie) is that there too many characters, effects, subplots, and/or just too long. Also in the age of the serious hero, how can any filmmaker give each of these four heroes a balanced character arc? The answer is it’s not possible not matter how many rewrites are done on the script some characters will be one-dimensional. Then there are all of these supporting characters that have their own back-stories. In the end it will be a seizure of colorful explosions and spandex without a plot.


While there is a fear that "The Avengers" will become ridiculous, oh wait it already is. I mean come on, since when was there not a over-the-top superhero movie... "Batman"? Really? He is dressed like a freaking winged rodent that eats bugs and has shitty eyesight.

Seriously, you look like an album cover to a bad Black Sabbath record.

Anyway, what makes these comics great that they throw realism out the window for the sake of a great story and characters. And since these filmmakers are trying to cautiously create this huge Universe just create an Avengers film, it shows that they really want to make high-quality product. Even if the premise is more like a 8th grade boy's dream, it will best dream since I teamed up with Mr. T and Natalie Portman to saved the world from giant ants that were spreading cancer.

Surprisingly, Mr. T didn't survive in this dream.

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  1. First of all, freaking awesome that Joss Whedon will be directing The Avengers movie! I had no idea he was set to make it. LONG LIVE FIREFLY!!! We all know that Captain Mal is just hiding out undercover as Castle :P

    Anyway, I think that they have definitely considered the biggest problem with The Avengers movie. Marvel is known for massive sensory overload. Their biggest fault nowadays is that newbies have no idea where to start since the Universe is just so huge! Their solution was making each individual characters movies completely stand-alone. Look at the success of Iron Man already. The Avengers could be a distant dream and Iron Man would still be hugely successful. The Incredible Hulk was the same way. Assuming that Captain America and Thor will be equally well made. The characters back-stories will already be fleshed out through these individual movies. Then when the Avengers comes around, we can focus not so much on origins and whatnot but on the coming together of The Avengers and whatever baddie they dream up for the team.

    Honestly, these last few movies have been such high quality that I actually have pretty high hopes for The Avengers when it finally comes out in 2013 (because the thought of this movie actually coming out on time is ridiculous :P)