Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost Season 1 (or What the Hell?)

Spoiler Alert
If you don't know what "Lost" is then WHY are you... never mind thats an old joke. Anyway, Lost is a TV show about an airplane that crash-lands on an island, and the surviving passengers must work together until they are rescued. A common episode situation involves food rationing, fixing radios and killing polar bears. Also there are other people live on the island and there is a giant monster that can throw people a mile away if they don't taste good.
Nothing on television has been this wierd or confusing and still be a entertaining show. While the "Call of Cthulhu" meets "Lord of the Flies" story is very fun, it's the character that are really interesting. Okay so the 10-14 characters could be found in every sci-fi film of the last twenty years. Seriously, there is the level-headed leader that everyone likes, a drug addicted rock star, two spoiled brats, father and son who hate each other, the lovable fat guy, the strict Korean couple, the con artist, and my favorite the old badass.

( Shown above: an old badass in his natural habitat)

Thankfully each actor go past their character's cliche and express deep and often troubling personalities. It also helps that each episode has shows one character's backstory through flashbacks. For example, the con artist is quite possibly the biggest dick on the entire island, and polar bears eat people. But when you realize that his parents died in front of him when he was eight, you'd be surprised that he hasn't eaten someone's heart and burn the rest.
I could go on about how the great this is but it feels kind of redundant to continue. I mean come on, the first season is five @#$%ing years old. Like an iPod, if you even heard of it then you probably already decided if your going to get it or not. So how about this, rent it from any store for a low price, don't like the first few episode then at least you didn't waste thirty bucks on a box set. Anyway, I give it a 4 out of 5.


  1. LONG LIVE LOST! Btw, you kinda forgot Kate, the main girl of the series... and the pregnant girl, Claire... in fact, you seem to only mention women in reference to couples. *gasp* you sexist pig! hahaha jk. good review! I appreciate it.

  2. sorry for the double comment but just so you know, Katosepe = Devin

  3. I only mention the gender of the Micheal, Walt, Hurley and John... you're right that's a lot of sausage.

  4. I like sausage when the skin crispy and inside is juicy.