Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Back!

After getting sunburns in Florida for a week, I have decided that early retirement might be a bad idea. So now I'm back home... in California (I'm gonna look like beef jerky) but at least I'm not traveling for a while. It was a pain in the $@! to get back here, I was gonna fly back but security wouldn't let me take my Mickey Mouse bubble bath (Shut up! It's a souvenir). So instead of wasting good bubble bath (Seriously shut up!) I used Amtrak instead. Too bad the tickets cost about as much as your soul and a kidney. Since I cherish my kidneys I took the most logical step.

I lost a toe but I still have my kidneys.

So now that I'm typing on the blog again, I'll be doing at least one review of a random or suggested movie every weekend. Will these be deep and meaningful? Well of course not, I'm a critic not Aristotle, but if you want simplified and (hopefully) entertaining film criticism then this is the blog for you... Was that too much like a commercial with Billy Mayes?

If you seen "How to Train Your Dragon" and your mind wasn't blown then try this.

Warning: User may lose hearing and sight.


  1. Yay! I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while :( I was about to go down there to cali and kick yo butt for not keeping in contact T_T. So... are you saying you liked How To Train Your Dragon?

  2. Yeah, I liked How to Train Your Dragon, I thought it was best movie Dreamworks has ever made. They can't touch Pixar but it's thrilling, heartwarming and manages to be funny without using cheap pop culture references.