Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Big Lewboski" preview

Earlier this year Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor award at the Oscars for his work in “Crazy Heart”. It was not a surprise that he won since the voters can’t tell the difference between lifetime achievement and annual achievement. Yet who can blame them, Jeff Bridges is one of the most reliable actors of this generation and the last. Like Meryl Streep he is able to mold into a character without using exaggerated acting techniques.

"Subtle" Vs "Not Subtle"

The irony of this that his best performance he has ever done is (on paper) one of the shallowest characters that anyone can play, a pot smoking slacker known as The Dude. And since 4/20 is today, might as well watch “The Big Lebowski” as soon az the smog flys away...ooh webdings. I'm sorry Dave, but I can't let you do that.

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